Baerte de Brey, Netherland

Mr. Baerte works at the company Stedin, a Dutch network operator. He is highly active in the field of electric transportation. On behalf of Stedin, he is one of the directors of ElaadNL, a knowledge and innovation center in the field of smart charging infrastructure. He is responsible for analyzing the long-term impact of electric mobility on electric grids. Additionally, he serves as the vice president of AVERE, the umbrella organization for all European EV companies. He is also a member of the Provincial Council of Utrecht.

Maciej Mazur, Poland

Maciej Mazur, the President of the AVERE association and the CEO of PSPA, is an experienced professional in the energy sector, particularly in the field of electric energy (electromobility). He has been involved in the development of major infrastructure investments in Poland and has provided consulting services to companies in the oil and gas as well as automotive industries. He is the author of numerous publications in the field of energy and social communications and has been a speaker at many debates and conferences.

PSPA is the Polish Association for Alternative Fuels, shaping the market for e-mobility and hydrogen technologies in Poland. Some of the members of this association, as well as AVERE, include Volkswagen, Hyundai, Tesla, Audi, Mercedes, and more.

Balázs Szilágyi, 


Mr. Balázs Szilágyi has extensive diplomatic and academic experience in international political and economic affairs. He currently serves as a Senior Manager for Public Affairs at CATL, a global leader in innovative new energy technologies. Previously, he held various diplomatic positions, including serving as an economic diplomat in Prague, Deputy Head of the Hungarian Embassy in Belgrade, and Consul-General in Chongqing (China). He also worked at the Permanent Representation of Hungary to the European Union in Brussels.

Mr. Szilágyi has been the Head of the Department for Northern Europe and the Director-General of the Department for Central Europe at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary. He has also worked as a research fellow at the Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (between 1996 and 1999) and as the Head of the Department for Central Europe at the Institute for Strategic Studies of the National University of Public Service (between 2019 and 2021).

His experience is related to China and European affairs, and in his current position, he is working on the Europeanization of a Chinese company that is a global leader in providing energy storage solutions.

Thomas Scheucher, Austria

Thomas Scheucher, MBA, leads the expansion of AVL LIST GmbH into new markets and the electrification of automotive technologies as the Managing Director Affiliate Group for Instrumentation and Test Systems.

Since August 2022, Scheucher has played a key role in AVL's growth across Austria, Switzerland, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa, with a primary focus on establishing AVL's presence in new markets and transitioning to electrification.

Previously, he held the position of Director of Global Project Management, implementing key changes in project management processes and overseeing a diverse portfolio.

Thomas Scheucher's career began in 2007 at AVL, where he excelled as a Project Manager for Test Systems.

He also completed MBA studies in general management at the University of California, Thousand Oaks. Scheucher's leadership drives AVL's success in new markets and in the electrification revolution.

Zsolt Hajnalka, Hungary

After graduating from the Karl Marx University of Economics in Budapest, Zoltán taught at the College of Foreign Trade, and since 1988, he has worked in various areas at the Hungarian Trade Bank, including international banking relations, special corporate products, the German desk, corporate finance support, acquisition of corporate clients, especially foreign-owned companies. From 1993 to 1998, he represented the Hungarian Trade Bank and the owners, BayernLB and Austrian BAWAG, in Ljubljana. He is also a lecturer at the University of Economics in Budapest, a management consultant for ZalaZONE, and since 2013, a member of the supervisory board of MAJOSZ – the Association of Hungarian Automotive Suppliers, where he is responsible for international relations.

Alain Van Münster, Belgium


Alain Van Munster is a veteran of the automotive industry with over 25 years of experience in leadership roles spanning business development, operations, and sales. His recent career focus has been on advancing sustainability in logistics through alternative energy sources and electric vehicles.

Since September 2019, Alain has shifted his career towards advocating for sustainability in logistics. He has played a crucial role in assisting logistics companies in adopting alternative energy sources and integrating electric vehicles into their operations.

Alain's expertise lies in pioneering sustainability efforts in the automotive sector. His recent contributions include advocating for alternative energy sources and electric vehicles, aligning with the industry's trend towards eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Alain's specialization extends to areas such as logistics, vehicle insurance, auctions, and vehicle repair. He excels in business integrations, sales, tenders, and has a deep understanding of the evolving landscape of sustainable transportation, making him a driving force in the green transformation of the industry.

Alain Van Munster's recent efforts underscore his dedication to promoting sustainable transportation solutions and his key role in shaping the future of eco-friendly logistics.

Milan Lončar, Serbia   AMSS CMV

For over ten years, he has held the position of chief engineer at the Motor Vehicles Center of the AMSS.

He is a graduate mechanical engineer specializing in motor vehicles. He began his career in vehicle testing at the Traffic Safety Center at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac. He continued the same duties at the AMSS Motor Vehicles Center.

Over the past decade, he has dedicated significant attention to individuals with disabilities through vehicle adaptations according to the degree of disability. Currently, he is in the third year of his doctoral studies in traffic safety.

He is the author of dozens of papers presented at domestic and international conferences. In recent years, he has been monitoring the development of electric vehicles through projects of the Traffic Safety Agency.

Prof. dr Ana B. Bovan Serbia

Prof. Dr. Ana B. Bovan is the Dean of ESEM Business School and the President of CEDEF, the Central European Development Forum, which focuses on sustainable business. Throughout her decades-long career, she has implemented numerous projects in the field of sustainable energy and ecology, introducing the principles of sustainable business into the ESEM Business School MBA Programme.

Robert Lukić, Serbia                 Toyota Adria

Robert Lukić is the Director of Customer Experience, Network, and Lexus. In this pivotal role, Mr. Lukić lead's strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction, reinforcing the company's network, and advancing the Lexus brand within the region.

With a rich background in the automotive industry, Mr. Lukić is known for his unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and fostering strong brand loyalty. His appointment is a testament to the company's dedication to raising the bar in customer service.

Robert Lukić having previously held key roles within the organization. His leadership and strategic planning abilities will be instrumental in ensuring that TOYOTA ADRIA continues to excel in providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Mr. Lukić's responsibilities encompass overseeing the development of the Lexus brand in the region, implementing innovative solutions to enhance the customer journey, and leading a range of strategic projects aimed at bolstering the overall network.

TOYOTA ADRIA d.o.o. is a prominent name in the automotive industry, serving as the authorized distributor of Toyota and Lexus vehicles in the Adriatic region. With a strong commitment to delivering exceptional quality and innovation, the company has gained a reputation for excellence.

As part of the globally renowned Toyota Motor Corporation, TOYOTA ADRIA d.o.o. is dedicated to upholding the core values of the Toyota brand, which include a strong focus on customer satisfaction, environmental sustainability, and cutting-edge technology.

The company's comprehensive range of Toyota and Lexus vehicles caters to the diverse needs and preferences of customers in the Adriatic region. Whether it's a reliable and efficient Toyota model or a luxurious and performance-driven Lexus, TOYOTA ADRIA d.o.o. offers a vehicle for every lifestyle.

Toyota's unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in its pioneering hybrid technology, which aims to reduce the carbon footprint of its vehicles. This commitment aligns with the company's global vision for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

With a legacy of innovation and a dedication to exceeding customer expectations, TOYOTA ADRIA d.o.o. and Toyota continue to set the standard for excellence in the automotive industry.

Velimir Jeremić, Serbia


He graduated from the Business Academy in Novi Sad and initiated postgraduate studies in the field of Economic Diplomacy, with a specific focus on Risk Asset Management.

With over 30 years of experience in motor liability insurance, risk assessment, damage evaluation, vehicle inspection, and periodic checks of vehicle technical compliance, he has actively contributed to various expert teams and professional bodies in Serbia and the surrounding region. As a member of the working group responsible for developing the national Traffic Safety Strategy of the Republic of Serbia for the period 2023-2030, he is currently involved in the group responsible for creating the action plan for 2023-2025.

Since 2015, he has maintained a continuous engagement with DEKRA d.o.o. in Serbia and the surrounding region. DEKRA Stuttgart is recognized as the world's largest Testing Certification institution in the automotive industry. DEKRA is a leader in promoting traffic safety, executing the Vision Zero action, conducting tests, homologations, and verifying technical vehicle compliance. He is also actively involved in testing and certification within the automotive industry, e-connectivity, V2X, autonomous driving systems, HiVo (electric vehicles), and the inspection of complete supporting infrastructure and environments.

Dr med sci. Dejan Spiroski Serbia

Employed at the Institute for Rehabilitation since 2007, he is a member of the European Society of Cardiology, the European Society of Hypertension, the Association of Cardiologists of Serbia, and the Medical Chamber of Serbia. He serves as the Chief Coordinator within the institution and Deputy Chief Coordinator for Serbia. He completed the IV EUROSPIRE studies for primary and secondary prevention.

He was the chief and responsible editor for the translation of "The 21st Edition of the Cecil Textbook of Medicine" index. He is one of the authors and lecturers in the continuous medical education program at the Medical Faculty in Niš.

He served as the President of the Working Group for Prevention and Rehabilitation at the Association of Cardiologists of Serbia (2017-2019). He is the author of five papers from the SCI or SSCI list and has expertise in the field of cardiopulmonary functional diagnostics.

He is a permanent member of the Cardiology Section's presidium within the Serbian Medical Society.

His expertise is notably broad in the area of the impact of pollution on the cardiovascular system.

Saša Sovilj, Serbia              Nelt

A graduate mechanical engineer with over fifteen years of experience in the maintenance field. Currently holding the position of Technical Operations Manager at NELT. The role involves overseeing the maintenance of a fleet comprising over 1000 vehicles of all categories, ranging from small passenger cars to trucks. This fleet is one of the largest in the private sector. Actively involved in the implementation of electric vehicles within the fleet.

Dejan Janjatović, Serbia NLBKB

Dejan Janjatović has occupied the position of the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of NLB Komercijalna banka and a member of the Executive Board for risk management and finances since the legal merger of NLB and Komercijalna banka, that was completed in April 2022.

He became the Deputy CEO and a member of the Executive Board of Komercijalna banka in February 2021. He was entrusted with this responsible position due to his two decades experience and expertise from a wide array of banking and financial areas – risk management, corporate and retail banking, branch network management and improvement of operational efficiency.

He came to the position of the Deputy CEO from the position of a member of the Executive Board of NLB Banka, also responsible for risk management and operations, in order to ensure that, during the integration with NLB Banka, Komercijalna banka improves its position in the Serbian financial market and remains stable, liquid and reliable.

Before joining NLB banka, he was a member of the Executive Board in charge of managing risks and operations in ProCredit bank, where he started his career and spent 14 years in different managerial positions.

He graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Novi Sad and completed his MBA studies in Budapest. He holds the CFA Level I certificate from the Charted Financial Analysts Institute (CFA) and is fluent in English.

Marina Stošić, Serbia           

The head of the Vehicle Exploitation and Maintenance Sector at the Public Enterprise "Serbian Post" not only faces the challenge of such a position as a woman, but Marina has also gone a step further, becoming the first female leader of a public enterprise to take a bold step. She has set a challenge for other public enterprises and fleet managers by following European trends and incorporating Electric Light Commercial Vehicles (E-LCVs) into the fleet of the "Serbian Post."

Through a panel discussion on the topic of E-LCV, Marina will provide insight into cost savings through the use of electric vehicles (EVs) after a short period of operation. She will also address the challenges faced by large fleets that are currently in the process of electrification or contemplating it. Her presentation will shed light on the importance of routing and how it impacts the environment, contributing to reduced noise levels and a more pleasant life in narrow urban areas.

Predrag Vučinić, Serbia charge&GO 

Predrag has been involved in the development of business in the field of networks and chargers for electric vehicles, buses, and trucks for many years, with a power range of 22kW AC, and a power range of 50 to 450kW for DC chargers. He conducts various activities in market and charger network development, promotes and presents fast chargers in Serbia, and prepares texts for reports and conceptual studies, actively monitoring all information in the electric vehicle and charger industry.

He is qualified for first-level service for ABB chargers of the Terra 53/54 type and Siemens Kostad chargers of the AC 22kW type and fast DC chargers. He participates in public procurements according to tender requirements and works on the preparation and compilation of complete technical documentation for participation in tenders.

Miroslav Vrcelj, Srbija  

Emil Frey Star Import d.o.o.

Miroslav Vrcelj, the market manager for Mercedes-Benz vehicles within the Emil Frey Group for Southeast Europe, boasts an impressive 15 years of experience in the automotive industry.

Recognized for leading a network of dealership centers across multiple markets, he oversees sales and strategies, achieving Mercedes-Benz's position as the number 1 premium brand for five consecutive years. His success encompasses business development with major clients and the structuring of innovative sales programs.

Miroslav's leadership has been crucial for the growth and affirmation of key brands in the automotive sector, confirming his status as a prominent expert.

Vladimir Živanović, Serbia

Turist organization of Zlatibor

In 2012, he completed his master's studies at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, in the study program Electronic Business and Management Systems, earning the title Master Engineer of Organizational Sciences. He further complemented his education in 2013 at the IT Academy in Belgrade, specializing in the Android Development Program and obtaining the title of Certified Android Application Developer.

Since 2010, he has been employed at the Tourist Organization of Zlatibor as an Independent Associate for Sports Tourism. Since August 22, 2016, he has been performing the duties of the Acting Director of the Tourist Organization of Zlatibor.

Prof. dr Marko Luković

Shaping Design Excellence

President of the University of Arts Council in Belgrade, stands out as a key figure in industrial and automotive design. Graduating from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade with a focus on industrial design, Luković has been an Associate Professor since 2002, securing re-election in 2021.

His recent achievements include obtaining a PhD in 2022 and participating in an international scholarship exchange at the University of Bologna, Italy, under the Erasmus Mundus + program. Luković's global perspective aligns with his commitment to shaping design education.

Beyond academia, Luković contributes to automotive publications such as "Top Speed" and "Auto Bild." Collaborating with firms like CAD Professional Systems and ProMaschinen highlights his interdisciplinary design approach.

With over 25 awards, Luković's recent projects include the Peugeot-Moonster concept car in Paris and the Emilia 4 solar car in Italy. Noteworthy Serbian contributions encompass designs for Zastava automobiles, Eurozeta trucks, and innovative products like the 3D scanner for motion capture.

As a guest lecturer at 15 international universities, Luković continues to share his expertise. His recent presence in 110 exhibitions, both solo and collective, solidifies his influence on the global design stage.

Prof. Dr. Marko Luković's recent work, extensively covered in publications, showcases innovation and leadership in industrial and automotive design. For more information, visit and