Program for 15.11.2023

 08:00Registration and breakfast               
 09:00Welcome Speeches Ambassadors, state representatives, and major sponsors.
 09:55Milan Milojevic, Traffic Safety Agency The Association of Car Importers
 10:05Boris Ćirović, Association of Automobile Importers of SerbiaE-Mobility in Serbia
 10:15Maciej Mazur, President of AVERE Primož Lemež
 10:40Primož Lemež, EmobilityCalimero; this is not fair
 11:05Baerte de Brey ElaadNLInfrastructure in Europe and why users are not satisfied (except in the Netherlands)
 11:30Vladimir Živanović Zlatibor; can the local community inspire the country for a faster transition to e-mobility?
11:45Milan Lončar, AMSS CMV
 12:00Moderated by Primož Lemež. Maciej Mazur (AVERE), Baerte de Brey (ElaadNL), Miroslav Vrcelj (Mercedes), Vladimir Zivanovic (Zlatibor)
Panel on e-mobility policy and infrastructure
 12:40Coffee Break

 13:10Primož Lemež, Emobility

Baerte de Bray ElaadNL

Infrastructure for freight transport

 13:35Maciej Mazur, PSPA
 13:55Alain Van Münster
 14:15Panel, moderated by Primož Lemež. Alain Van Münster (Cenntro), Saša Sovij (Nelt), Baerte de Bray (ElaadNL), Marina Stosić (Pošta Srbije)
Future of e-delivery and how quickly we need to get there? 
 15:00 Lunch 


Program for 16.11.2023


Registration and Breakfast

 09:00Dr med sci. Dejan SpiroskiHow dangerous are PM particles really and why do we know so little about them?
 09:25Thomas Scheucher AVL
Transition of AVL from ICE to BEV
 09:50Nemanja Mikac, Eleven ES
Development of LFP batteries in Serbia; plans and implementation
 10:15Balazs Szilagyi, CATL
New battery technologies, what they can do and what batteries will be capable of?
 10:45Szolt Hajnalka, MAJOZS
MAJOZS from ICE to eMobility
 11:05Endre BaliWhat role hydrogen can play in transport?
 11:20Prof. Dr Marko Luković, Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade
Design of autonomous EVs 
 11:35 Coffee Break
 12:05Predrag Vucinic, Charge&go

 12:20Panel: moderated by Primož Lemež. Thomas Scheucher (AVL), Balazs Szilagyi (CATL), Robert Lukić (Toyota), Velimir Jeremić (Dekra)
Technological status in Europe, the Western Balkans region, and Serbia 
 13:20Closing Panel; moderated by Prof. Dr. Ana Bovan. Zorana Đorić (Vozim na struju), Szolt Hajnalka (MAJOZS), Dejan Janjatović (NLBKB), Nemanja Mikać (ElevenES), Primož Lemež (Emobility)
What can we do to stay competitive with Western Europe and all other continents together? 

Maja Vodeničarski

Program moderator

After years of work in the media, Maja Vodeničarski, the director of the City Marketing Center, has taken on the role of the editor-in-chief of the Niške Vesti portal.

Despite being a qualified chemistry professor, Vodeničarski has over two decades of experience in journalism.

She began her career as a journalist in the morning editorial office at the then TV5 under the editor Zoran Marjanović, better known as Zoza. Later, she worked in the editorial teams of City Radio, the regional television Belle Amie, and TV Zona Plus as the host of her own shows.

She honed her managerial skills at the Cameleon Clothing Factory in Svrljig. Upon returning to journalism, she once again took up the "pen."